Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do the cross lights say on availability ?
2. Is there a direct sale ?

3. How works the credit card payment ?
4. What is BEDI ?
5. What about the origin of the wood ?
6. What is Mücke Spiele ?
7. What are the bank details ?

8. What is the history of ?
9. Can I order via fax and fon ?
10. Is express delivery possible ?
11. What are the conditions for re-sellers ?
12. Which payment method are available ?

13. Do you ship in all countries ?
14. Do I have to pay German VAT ?
15. I received wrong parts. What do I do ?
16. How long will it take to get my order ?
17. What about the shipping costs ?
18. Can I track my sending ?
19. Why do I have to pay custom fees ?
20. Where do I find the adventures of the Pawn Family ?

1. Cross lights on availability

The available number is listed for each item. In general, if you can see a product it is available.

2. Direct sale

We have an online shop, but it is possible to visit us for shopping. However, please contact us beforehand. Adress of the storage rooms is : Pescher Str. 235, 41065 Mönchengladbach/Germany.

3. Credit card payments uses the 3-D Secure protocol. If you want to pay in our shop using your credit card, you will have to enter your 3D-Secure Code. In case you have not yet registered your card for that protocol, you normally will be linked to your bank to make that registration. Often, browsers are set up restrictively, so the 3D-Secure pop-up page will not open.

More information on the 3D-Secure protocol at Wikipedia:

4. IPUR / BEDI has taken over IPUR in 2004 and BEDI in 2011, further increasing the range of products in our shop.

5. Origin of the wood

The wood we use is mostly beech or maple (cross-grained wood). Some birch from German woods and neighbourhod (Austria, Italy, Switzerland), sustainable agriculture.
Processing: Milling and turnery in machines.
Finish: Grinding, colouring, polishing in barrels. Colours and varnish on water-basis (ecologically compatible and solvent-free). Pad printing and hot-foil stamping with EN 71-conform colours and folils, free of heavy metals.

6. Mücke Spiele

In our publishing unit we are only publishing games that derive from our game author's competitions.

7. Bank details

MLP Finanzdienstleistungen Wiesloch
IBAN DE 54 6723 0000 4489 535 222

paypal = "" (,

8. History only exists because I am working myself as game author and often was disappointed about the possibilities to find useful materials.

It started with the production of counters which I needed urgently for one of my games, but could not be found elsewhere. Starting with this, the shop sortiment rose continually. Today, there are many, many customers and - quite interestingly - the percentage of foreign orders is about 30 % with customers from Japan, the US, Australia, Canada, Taiwan and the EU.

Thank you very much !

9. Orders via fax and fon

Naturally, you can make orders via telephone (+49-2161-9922982) and fax (+49-2161-9922981).

10. Express delivery

Usually, our parcels reach you in 1-2 days (Germany) or 3-4 days (Europe). In case you needs to have your order quick, please chosse express delivery and contact our service !

11. Conditions for re-sellers

Re-sellers receive discounts according to the sales volume. Precondition is a prrof of a trading licence.

Discount scales are:

- 10 % from merchandise volume of 100 €
- 15 % from merchandise volume of 250 €
- 25 % from merchandise volume of 500 €
- 30% from merchandise volume of 1,000 €
- 40 % from merchandise volume of 2,000 €

Payment condition outside Germany is pre-payment. Shipping costs to effective costs.

12. Possible payment methods

At you can pay via credit card, paypal, direct banking or bank transaction.

13. Delivery

We ship worldwide. In case your country is not listed in the checkbox, please send us a mail to

14. VAT

The German VAT wll be added to all orders within Germany and the EU-countries. Enterprises located in the EU can claim a VAT-free delivery by registering and providing a valid EU-VAT number BEFORE placing an order.

Clients from outside the EU can shop duty-free. They have to register in the shop so we can set up their account accordingly.

15. Wrong items received

In case you received the wrong parts, please mail to providing your name, the ordernumber and the wrong items received. We will clarify the case as soon as possible.

16. Shipping time

The shipping time within Germany is 2-3 working days, in Europe 4-5 working days and world-wide approx.  4-7 working days. Please note that our service depend on several shipping companies and our influence on the shipping time is limited. We cannot guarantee the shipping times, though. See also: Delivery and payment conditions

17. Shipping costs

The shipping costs depend on weight and volume of your order. If you are not sure about the value of the shipping costs, you can initiate the checkout. In the process the shipping costs are shown BEFORE the payment is to be made. You can stop the process and/or change items then.See also: Delivery and payment conditions

18. Tracking

After we initiate the shipping, you will receive a trackingcode.

19. Custom fees

When shipping outside the EU, local custom may set fees for your sending.

20. The Pawn Family

The Comics of the Pawn Family can be found here.