Please note that the pandemie not only has impact on our office, but also on the carriers we use. Delays are likely and some countries are even not served these days.

Interesting items in the shop


You will find us at the following conventions:

  • Spiel! Fair in Essen/Germany
    Oktober 22nd-25th, 2020

Customized production & Wiki

In the horizontal tab at the top of the page, the menu item "Customized"informs about a range of standardized custom products including game boards, boxes, playing cards, counters, game pieces / bits and dice.

Our WIKI informs still more detailed about possibilities of individual production and customization, and provides hintes and support on every topic regarding game development and game production.

  • mixed sets
  • gifts and presents
  • upgrade kits
  • CATAN scenario "oil springs"
  • Twinples
  • Lables for meeples
  • Handpainted pawns
  • 3-part pawns