Frequently Asked Questions



  • Availability: The status of the items is shown.
  • Advice: we are happy to advise you on game development, feel free to have a look at the wiki beforehand.
  • AI-creations: We´ve never used AI-created pictures and we are never going to use those. IF for any reason we would use AI created pictures, we will make it very clear by marking the picture or exposing it as AI-created. See Illustration.
  • Bank transaction: For bank transactions use, MLP Finanzdienstleistungen Wiesloch, IBAN DE54 6723 0000 4489535222.
  • Billing address: See Invoice Address
  • Broken items: Please provide us pictures of any broken or unperfect item, so we can analyse mistakes.
  • Blank material: If you want to make your own game, click here for the appropriate material.
  • Business partner: If you are interested in our articles as a reseller, we will be happy to provide you with our dealer conditions.
  • Catalogue: A catalogue can be downloaded in each category you click on.
  • Changes: As long as an order is unpaid, we can add, delete or change things. After payment, the order directly goes to packing and changes will not be managable.
  • Charity items: We have assigned several products to charity organizations. All the revenue from sales from these products are forwarded to them. You find these products here.
  • Credit card payments: We use the paypal system. You do not need to have a paypal account.
  • Custom fees: When shipping outside the EU, local custom may set fees for your sending. We have no influence on this.
  • Creative: Here we show you a few ideas of what you can do with our things.
  • Crowdfunding: Here you can find all current and past projects.
  • Colors: Our 12 standard colours are Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Grey, Brown, White, Black, Nature. Click here to have an overview on all colors.
  • Caricatures: Have you seen the great caricatures of our team, we can gladly have some made for you on request.
  • Delivery: We use dhl/Deutsche Post for deliveries. More information at the bottom of each page under "Delivery and payments".
  • Delivery Address: - Stammesweg 19 - 41065 Mönchengladbach - Northrhine Westfalia - Germany - This Address is for large deliveries like europallettes
  • Delivery time:The usual running time of parcels and letters in Germany is 2-3 working days after payment. Outside Germany the running times are longer, within Europe, please consider a running time of 4-5 days working after payment. Please note that these are usual times and we have no influence on this.
  • Events:We visit the SPIEL fair in Essen/Germany, the Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg and the Göttinger game author's convention every year. In addition, from time to time we visit also other games events (e.g. Cannes, Eindhoven, Munich, Stuttgart, Vienna). On the first page you can find information on that.
  • Exchange: Please see here.
  • Express deliveries: Usually, our parcels reach you in 1-2 days (Germany) or 3-4 days (Europe). In case you needs to have your order quick, please chosse express delivery and contact our service !
  • Environment: Because it´s important.  Because we care.  Just because.
  • Etsy: we are also represented here.
  • Facebook: Yes, we also have an account on Facebook
  • Fairs: We visit the SPIEL fair in Essen/Germany, the Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg and the Göttinger game author's convention every year. In addition, from time to time we visit also other games events (e.g. Cannes, Eindhoven, Munich, Stuttgart). On the first page you can find information on that.
  • Free of charge:  In return, we ask you to answer the questions attached to the articles for us, so that we can improve our service even further
  • Feedback: We welcome your feedback
  • Gifts and gift cards: You´ll find a selection of gifts and cards here.
  • Game inventors: We will be happy to advise you. Please have a look at our Wiki first.
  • Individual products: We also offer individual production of game pieces, game boards, playing cards etc., you can find more information here!
  • Instagram: Visit us here.
  • Invoice Address: - Pescher Straße 235 - 41065 Mönchengladbach - Northrhine Westfalia - Germany
  • Invoice: Please note that the invoice is always included in your package. You are welcome to download the invoice from our customer portal. To do this, log in as usual, go to "My orders", click on the "Invoices" tab and find "Print as pdf" there.
  • Illustration: We work with a selection of human artists (no AI) for all our printing, graphics & illustration needs. See our befriended artists in our Wiki. See AI-creations.
  • KI: Is German for AI. We will never use AI-pictures in our goods. See AI or see Illustration.
  • Minimum order value: The minimum order value is set to 10€ (without shipping costs); below that handling is economically not reasonable for us - thank you for your understanding. However, you can add a surcharge for small quantities to reach the minimum amount.
  • Mücke Spiele: In our publishing unit we are only publishing games that derive from our game author's competitions. Visit us here.
  • Merchandise: Here you can find all the things that the Pöppel family plays with even without playing...,
  • Neutral delivery: We are ready to send items to your clients in a neutral packaging, however, as this requires additional work, we charge a flat fee of 5 EUR for this service.
  • New: This category features the newest entries to our shop.
  • Office Address: Pescher Str. 235, D-41065 Mönchengladbach/Germany
  • Office hours: Our office is staffed from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm on workdays - note the office address
  • Orders: You can place orders via fax (+49-2161-9922981) or e-mail in case the shop has problems, simply by sending us a screenshot of your shopping cart together with the necessary invoice data.
  • Order volume: We do not count larger quantities, but use a piece count scale. In this case, we always add a little more to cover breakage and weight deviations (wood is a natural product). Nevertheless, you should always order a little more than the effectively necessary quantity.
  • Offer of the month: In this category we will present really cheap special items every month. So check back every now and then !
  • Paypal: Our paypal address is; to that address you can make payments indicating your name and order number
  • Payment options: At you can pay via credit card, paypal, direct banking or bank transaction.
  • Pawn Family: The Comics of the Pawn Family can be found here.
  • Pinterest: Here is our page.
  • Pick-up: Although we do not have a shop, customers can pick up items and orders in ou office/warehouse Pescher Str. 235, 41065 Mönchengladbach/Germany
  • Pictures: Pictures in the shop are samples. We have no control over woodgrain or residue from production.
  • PLUS: For a small annually fee, we offer our clients a faster service and special conditions. See here.
  • Production requests: Please sent to; note also our WIKI
  • Production: Wood items are done in milling and turnery in machines. Finish: Grinding, colouring, polishing in barrels. Colours and varnish on water-basis (ecologically compatible and solvent-free). Pad printing and hot-foil stamping with EN 71-conform colours and folils, free of heavy metals.
  • Quality
  • Re-shipment: In case you want to return pieces bought, you can contact us for optimizing that process. In any case the return address is the address Pescher Str. 235, 41065 Moenchengladbach/Germany.
  • Resellers: We offer special conditions for reselers. Please contact us for details.
  • Return policy: You´ll find the conditions in the footer and here.
  • Reverse auction:  In these auctions, the seller makes an offer to sell and as the waiting time increases, the sale amount decreases. - The longer you wait, the greater the chance of getting a better price. But someone else might beat you to it.
  • Register: To keep track of your order, register here first.
  • Rating: we look forward to your rating on Google
  • Spreadshirt: We have a spreadshirt shop.
  • Shipping costs: The shipping costs depend on weight and volume of your order. If you are not sure about the value of the shipping costs, you can initiate the checkout. In the process the shipping costs are shown BEFORE the payment is to be made. You can stop the process and/or change items then. See also: Delivery and payment conditions
  • Shipping time: The shipping time within Germany is 2-3 working days, in Europe 4-5 working days and world-wide approx.  4-7 working days. Please note that our service depend on several shipping companies and our influence on the shipping time is limited. We cannot guarantee the shipping times, though. See also: Delivery and payment conditions
  • Stadtguthaben MG: we are also part of it, pay with your Stadtguthaben MG card on the spot.
  • Schools: Take a look at our category that we have created especially for schools.
  • The Pawn family: They are part of our webpages. You can find their adventures here.
  • TikTok: Yes, we do it - here
  • Tracking code: When your sending is dispatched, you will receive a tracking code to follow the status of the delivery.
  • Twitter: Yes, we also have an account on Twitter
  • Team: Would you like to get to know our team? Just click here.
  • Used games: We evaluate the condition of used games and categorize them:

    • A - nearly new, absolutely nothing that could be said against it
    • B - slight signs of usage - In most cases only the box has minor defects
    • C - games that show harder wear and tear. If there are parts missing or parts are being replaced, we´ll notify you via the     article´s shop page. Please check the text properly before buying.
  • User account: See registration.
  • Unaivalable or sold items: Most of our selection is constantly available, the most basic items can be ordered even when they´re not in stock, because they´re produced fast. Complex items like printed token are another thing. Delivery of complex items can take 1-2 months until it´s back in stock.
  • VAT: The German VAT wll be added to all orders within Germany and the EU-countries. Enterprises located in the EU can claim a VAT-free delivery by registering and providing a valid EU-VAT number BEFORE placing an order. Clients from outside the EU can shop duty-free. They have to register in the shop so we can set up their account accordingly.
  • WIKI: Our WIKI informs about special solutions and the handling of our products
  • Wrong items: In case you received the wrong parts, please mail to providing your name, the ordernumber and the wrong items received. We will clarify the case as soon as possible.
  • Wood: The wood we use is mostly beech or maple (cross-grained wood). Some birch from German woods and neighbourhod (Austria, Italy, Switzerland), sustainable agriculture.
  • only exists because I am working myself as game author and often was disappointed about the possibilities to find useful materials.It started with the production of counters which I needed urgently for one of my games, but could not be found elsewhere. Starting with this, the shop sortiment rose continually. Today, there are many, many customers and - quite interestingly - the percentage of foreign orders is about 50 % with customers from all parts of the world. Thank you very much !


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