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A strategy game by Stefan Risthaus

Starting in the rising city of RIGA it is your goal to erect a new trading empire in the Baltic Sea. To do so, you trade commodities with the neighbor cities and erect buildings there.
At the beginning of each round new buildings and sets of new commodity cards are revealed into the common display. Then each player conducts one turn consisting of two phases:
a) taking cards from the display, EITHER one building card OR a complete set of commodity cards.
b) erecting up to three buildings
To pay for a building you discard commodity cards, because there is no cash in the game. Depending on the location of the building (indicated by the color of the buildings name tag), each commodity has a different value. Example: grain can be worth 2 Ducats, but in Tallinn you gain 4 Ducats for grain, while you cannot pay in Gdansk with grain. Since the game has no cash, there is no change. If you pay commodities of a higher value than necessary, the remaining money is lost. It is a good idea to avoid that as often as possible.
After each player has made his turn, all players have a second turn, but in counterclockwise order. Then the round ends with a hand limit control phase.
The game end is triggered after 8 respectively 9 rounds and each player counts the victory points on his buildings.
To be successful in RIGA it is important to chose the commodities matching with your buildings in order to erect buildings in the most cost saving and efficient way. Buildings are worth 3 to 6 points and have special functions during the game, like creating more money for specific commodities, reducing the costs for future buildings or allowing you to draw additional cards.
Make your family being proud on you by ruling a trading empire in the Baltic Sea!

RIGA comes with additional cards to enlarge the options to the base game. Additional separate expansions "Victual Brotherhood" and "Mayors" make the game even more interesting for the experienced players.



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Not suitable for children under 3 years. Choking hazard, as small parts can be swallowed or inhaled.
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