We are supporting: The Ocean Cleanup

Up to recently we were supporting all kinds of local & international charity groups. That´s admirable, but in the long run it meant sacrificing focus.
Money we raised for charity would always be split up in smaller and smaller parts to benefit all programs for a tiny amount.
That´s why after a long discussion we decided to focus all money to a single project for a time & switching the project afterwards.

Your spontaneous sponsorship or donation request:

We support:
- Projects, initiatives, charitable activities that serve children, families and educational institutions.
- Educational institutions and charitable organizations and events with charitable purposes.
- The engagement should have a benefit for a larger group

Please understand that we will not engage in:

- Projects with political, religious or commercial goals
- Fundraising circulars or form letters


What is the charity cent and why should you do it?

The charity cent is a free choice that our customers can choose and click in the item they want. All proceeds will be donated to a non-profit organization. Monthly we change among the above mentioned organizations.
In various articles you will find the charity cent again, there you can then choose between different amounts. Automatically this amount is then assigned to the organization of the month.


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