SPIEL in Essen, GER - Booth 1C115

After the fair had to be cancelled last year due to corona, it currently seems that it will take place. All the latest information can be found here: SPIEL 2021

But we already had to register in May and since that was absolutely unplannable, there will only be a small stand of 10m² this year. Here we will offer:

  • Pick-up: As in all the years before, pre-orders for the fair can now be placed and picked up on site. This saves you postage and there is also a 5% discount on the order total.
  • Big Games Sale: also like at the last fair, we will offer interesting games at very reasonable prices, including Game of Gnomes (15 EUR, Fragor), Colt Express (10 EUR, Ludonaute), Kingdomino (8 EUR; Pegasus) and many more...
  • Raffle: Take part in the raffle. There are vouchers and games to be won.
  • Slot machines: Pure nostalgia - we have gumball machines where you can "spin" game material.
  • Crowd-funding campaign: we're unveiling our new Kickstarter campaign, featuring a variety of printed meeples.
  • On-site sales: What won't work this time is buying on site, because the hygiene concept of the fair makes a stand like we used to have impossible. Therefore, you should order in advance if possible. At the fair we will show as much of our range as possible and you can then fill in an order form on site or you can take a photo of the parts on display and then place your order online or you can just order online directly via Smartphone. If you do this during SPIEL, you will get the items delivered to your home free of shipping costs!

Any questions: Contact here - info@spielmaterial.de

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