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There are many terms for game pieces in board games, but the two terms pawn and meeple have established themselves as generic names across game, publisher and manufacturer boundaries for a specific form of game piece.

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  1. Carcassonne Männchen
  2. Männchen
    Meeple people

    Starting at €0.15

  3. Meeples with hair
    Meeples with hair
    As low as €0.15
  4. Männchen, Meeple klein
    Meeples small

    Starting at €0.10

  5. Carcassonne Meeples big
    Carcassonne Meeples big
  6. Carcassonne Meeples bigger
    Carcassonne Meeples bigger
  7. Meeples taller
    Meeples taller

8 Items

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Set Descending Direction
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