Worldwide novelty 3-part pawn

Worldwide novelty 3-part pawn

Create your pawns in the colours you like: Be it your team's colours, the colours of you company, of certain countries or simply your favorite colours.

The three parts can be plugged together without the necessity to glue them. They will hold steady, but nevertheless can be rearranged to other colour combinations. By now, there are 1.331 combination of colours possible, because each part is available in 11 colours: red, yellow, green, blue, black, white, orange, purple, raw - raw allow further individual colouration.

By now, there are also games specially made with these pawns. In Edition 3-part-pawn, in October 2013 the game SnipIt has been published.

All prices incl. taxes plus. shipping


All prices incl. taxes plus. shipping


Wegen mehrerer Krankheitsausfällen und den anstehenden Messe in Köln (Didacta) und Dortmund (Creativa) kommt es aktuell noch zu Verzögerungen. Wir werden noch ein paar Tage brauchen, die eingegangenen Bestellungen alle abzuarbeiten.

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Due to several sick employees and two fairs coming up, there are currenlty delays. We will need a few more days to have everything packed.

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