Play money

Play money provides different types of play money, coins as well as notes. Beside classic Euro-Money you will find solutions for different themes like dubloons or thalers that partly can be customized further. We also offer the possibility to produce individual play money, coins and notes. Please see our WIKI for further reference.

Chose from the menue above between bank notes, coins and gems.

All prices incl. taxes plus. shipping


All prices incl. taxes plus. shipping


Am 23. Juni schalten wir auf unser neues Shopsystem um. Bis 16Uhr MESZ können Bestellungen in diesem Shop noch plaziert werden, danach werden wir für 2-3 Stunden offline sein.

Voraussichtlich ab 20 Uhr werden wir dann wieder online sein.



By June 23rd, 2021 we will switch to our new shop system. You can place orders here until 4 p.m. MEST. AFter this we will be offline for 2-3 hours.

Approxiametly at 8 p.m. we will be back online.