Handpainted pawns

Handpainted pawns

Jörg Wolf is a creative mind. Using different brushes with oil paints heworks on the blank pawns and give them unique look.

Al Capone with suit and cigar, Lady Belle shows her breasts and Frenchman Alfons is presented with mustache and hat. Wolf has designed hundred different types, including politicians, athletes, superheroes, monsters, aliens, snowmen or angels. Constantly, he is developing new characters.

To create such a pawn, he needs two to five days, which explains the high price.

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All prices incl. taxes plus. shipping


Wegen mehrerer Krankheitsausfällen und den anstehenden Messe in Köln (Didacta) und Dortmund (Creativa) kommt es aktuell noch zu Verzögerungen. Wir werden noch ein paar Tage brauchen, die eingegangenen Bestellungen alle abzuarbeiten.

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Due to several sick employees and two fairs coming up, there are currenlty delays. We will need a few more days to have everything packed.

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