Let the church into the village (GER/ENG)

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Shortlist of the Hippodice Authors' Competition 2002

A strategy game by Harald Mücke for 2-4 players (optionally 2-6 players) aged 10 and up - NEW VERSION 2022


1580. The settlement of the country is progressing rapidly. The population is also growing rapidly. The settlers are followed not only by merchants, service providers and rogues, but also by the church. Soon a new bishop's seat will be built.
With a playing field of hexagonal squares that grows round by round, a diverse landscape is created in which 2-4 (optionally 6) players with the goal of becoming bishop can build farms on building plots, provided these are supplied by surrounding cornfields and lakes, or churches, for which, however, at least two believers must live in farmhouses on the surrounding fields.
An auction decides each round which player can take his two actions first or optionally which of the landscape pieces on display he can place. Changes in the landscape influence the believers in their choice of church, as they always go where there are more visitors in total. The number of believers that decides on the bishop's title thus often fluctuates.

+ Extension and variants included
+ For frequent and occasional players
+ Extension included
+ Extension for up to 6 players
+ rules video
+ spare parts service
+ FAQ, blog & fan rules online
+ Info on historical background and development

More information:

Harald Mücke
Mücke Spiele
2002 (2022)
Number players
2 − 4
10 +
60 min.


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Let the church into the village (GER/ENG)
Let the church into the village (GER/ENG)

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    Not suitable for children under 3 years. Choking hazard, as small parts can be swallowed or inhaled.
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