Tellit! --- Your own story

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Tellit! Your story

Roll to see what happened


Use any combination of stickers on dice to create interesting storytelling implements. You can also add flavor by declaring a set of rules per color of the dice.

You can also choose blank round labels to create your own designs or use photos.

For example - colored dice
Wählen Sie verschiedene Blankowürfel für die Sticker, welche bestimmen wie und was die Spieler erzählen:

  • White = normal story, do whatever you want
    red = this info mustn´t be part of the story
    green = has to be present in a positive way
    blue = has to come up in a male form
    pink = has to come up in a female form
    yellow = has to come up in the story multiple times
    grey = has to be present in a negative way
    uncolored = has to be present in an environmental effort
    purple = fantasy related

  • discs instead of dice
    Put the stickers underneath, flip all the discs & turn them up one by one as you tell the story


Have fun getting creative with your own ideas! :)


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Tellit!  --- Your own story
Tellit! --- Your own story

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    Not suitable for children under 3 years. Choking hazard, as small parts can be swallowed or inhaled.
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