Spiele-Autoren-Zunft SAZ

Spiele-Autoren-Zunft SAZ

www.spielmaterial.de supports the Game Designers Association. Registered members of the SAZ, for example, receive a special discount and special offers. The items below are reduced for SAZ members (discounts only visible when logged in as SAZ member.)


The "Game Designers Association" (SAZ) represents the interests of game designers to the public as well as to publishers and other work users. It supports game designers and campaigns for a stronger recognition of games as a cultural property in our society.

The SAZ is a strong community with many advantages for its members. Founded in 1991, it now represents more than 500 members in Germany and abroad. Although the main area of activity is in Germany, the SAZ is gaining an international character through its multitude of members from other countries. SAZ-Italia, which was founded in 2017, is a good example of this.

The diverse fields of activity of the SAZ: The counseling of our members and the promotion of the exchange of experience are an important focus. This includes, if required, negotiations with publishers for fair contractual conditions. As co-organizers of the Game Designers Meeting in Göttingen, we are promoting platforms that bring together game designers and game publishers. On the political side, we advocate a fair framework for cultural activities as well as copyright, tax and social security laws. In addition, we support further training activities for the professionalization of our members.

Anyone who supports the objectives of the SAZ can become a member. However, a full membership with voting rights is only available for game designers, i.e. you must have at least one game published or can furnish prototypes. If you are not (yet) a designer, you can become a sponsoring member or support our work with donations.

An overview of the successes, the actions and the development of the SAZ can be found here.

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