LUDO Asociacion

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LUDO Asociacion

Ludo is a Spanish association of board game designers that brings together various professionals in the field, including authors, illustrators and translators. Its aim is to pool the activities of its members, defend interests and promote public awareness. Likewise, Ludo provides its partners with spaces where they can present their projects and exchange experiences about design and publishing.

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In this category, members of the association see articles with bargain prices for them.

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  1. Cross, marker
    Cross, marker
  2. Transparent cubes 8mm
    Transparent cubes 8mm
  3. Workers from Fremde Federn
    Workers from Fremde Federn
    As low as €0.10
  4. Worker meeple 2 types
    Worker meeple 2 types
    As low as €0.10
  5. Arbeiter
    Worker Type 1
  6. Alien
    Worker Type 4, Alien
  7. Man moving
    Man moving

Items 1-20 of 21

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