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Genwelt (GER)

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One player represents the world's elites, who is trying to increase the assets of the elites. The other players represent the ambassadors of the peoples from the seven continents, who want to improve situations in five genetic application areas.
Before the beginning of the game the players must decide to play 10, 12 or 14 rounds. The agent of the elites receives 24 genetic research card. Each round he starts by playing one of these cards. Every card takes influence of the assets and the different application areas. The ambassadors of the peoples must decide to support and simultaneously make an own offer or block up the offer of elites-player. Clockwise the ambassadors of the people throw a dice to reach the target location named on the card. Always a 6 is rolled, a scenario-card is drawn and a scenario-round follows.
At the end of the game all players lose, if the total situation of the five application areas has worsen compared to the beginning. If the total situation is better than to the beginning, then the side with the higher assets wins the game.


Attention: Not suitable for children under three years.

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