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T-Rex World: Tal der Gefahren (GER)

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T-Rex World: Tal der Gefahren

A dinosaur-themed roll-and-move travel game for children. It comes in a tin box and uses magnetic player pieces.

The board (printed inside the tin box) shows a racing track consisting of 30 spaces. 8 of them are special spaces (showing the numbers +1, -1, +2, +3 or a T-rex head). One space is both the starting and finish space. At the side of the box, there is a strength indicator for each dinosaur. It is set to 1 at the start of the game and adjusted when that player's dinosaur token lands on one of the special fields with numbers.
Players take turns rolling a standard six-sided number die. The active player moves his/her dinosaur token the number of spaces corresponding to the die roll. If the token lands on a special field with a number, that player's dinosaur gains or loses strength accordingly. If a player lands on one of the two battle spaces (= spaces with the T-rex head symbol), he/she can challenge another player that is ahead of him/her. Both players roll the die and add their dino's current strength to the result. If the challenging dino wins the battle (die roll plus strength > that of the defending dino), the two tokens swap places. The challenger is now ahead.

The player whose dino reaches the finish space first wins the game.


Attention: Not suitable for children under three years.

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