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Climate Poker (ENG)

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ATTENTION: Last game - does not have a box !

What is it about?

Climate negotiations can be so simple! If only the right countries join forces. The bigger the conference the better, however, some countries will just not stop negotiating …

The product:

Climate-Poker is a good gift for students interested in the environment.

The game creates the suspense and despair known from high-ranking diplomatic conferences. A combination of classic "Top Trumps" and Rommé turns into a game with unknown depths when players try to get rid of those countries who just don't comply.

The game was produced by Ludofact and comes in foil.

It is recommended to try the game with two or three players first, as it is over very fast with four players. Background information on the vast data printed on the cards can be found in the rulebook and on the company website.

Target groups:

  • students
  • teachers and educationalists
  • players interested in the environment


  • 60 country cards, each of wich represents a government delegation. The card informs about the country's capital, the UNFCCC-group and alliances resp. country groups it belongs to at the climate negotiations and how many diplomacy points you can score for it. The categories on the cards are:
    • CO2-emissions per capita
    • Deaths due to storms, droughts etc. per 100,000 inhabitants between 1998 and 2007
    • Losses due to storms, droughts etc. in percent of the Gross National Product (GNP)
  • 40 black chips, they represent the seats in the back room on your hand
  • 1 green flag indicating whose turn it is
  • 1 black house indicating who was the first start player
  • English rulebook


Attention: Not suitable for children under three years.

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