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A fast game by Stefan Risthaus

Slicks is a car racing game limited to 500 copies that comes as a basic edition (with only paper sheets) or a premium edition (with wooden cars and 4-, 6-, 8- and 10-sided dice).

Your maximum speed is limited by the condition of your tires, the kind of space on which you start your turn, and the weight of your fuel. If you have bad tires, have a lot of fuel or are in a sharp turn, you are limited to a maximum of four spaces. On good tires on the straight way you may have a speed of ten spaces at a maximum.

Your car starts with proper tires, and you may choose to use the highest speed die. The actual number of spaces you move on your turn is evaluated by rolling a die (premium edition) or drawing a card (basic edition), so if you're unlucky, you may move only three spaces when rolling a ten-sided die, while another player moves six spaces although he was limited to a maximum speed of six (using the six-sided die). Reducing your amount of fuel allows you to reroll the die or add a number of spaces to your die result equal to your position (1 when you are the leader, 6 if you are the last in the field).

Your tires lose quality when completing a round, crossing curbstones, or driving into cars in front of you, so you may be forced to take the pit lane, refresh your tires, and take new fuel.

Slicks is probably the first racing game in which the condition of your tires directly impacts your maximum speed. Although some luck is needed, the strategy of when to make a pit stop or when to take a worse position to stay on a better space is important and makes Slicks unique in the category of racing games.

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Attention: Not suitable for children under three years.

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