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Peloponnes (GER/ENG/FRA)

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Peloponnese - seat of the Gods. Each player represents one of 7 Peloponnesian civilizations in 1000 B.C., trying to develop it, increase its wealth and population, and become the most powerful entering the new millennium.
Players have 8 rounds to develop their civilizations, adding territory through Land Tiles and prestigious buildings through the Building Tiles. These increase the civilizations’ inhabitants, luxury, wealth and power. Only through a balance of inhabitants, land and buildings can a player claim victory and join the heroes of Peloponnesian history.

Peloponnes affords appealingly Gameweight with reasonable duration. The game includes an solo-game to get easier into gameplay and a level-system to get better and to be more challanged.

Game components are language-independent. German and Engllish rules included.

Changes of the third edition from 2014 to the second edition from 2011:
- Little changes at the backside of the Box
- New artwork at the tile "Conquest"
- New Icon at the tile "Barracks

Changes to the first edition from 2009:
- a little bigger gamebox (31 x 31 cm)
- rulescorrection and corrected earthquake tile
- no goldcoins, only silvercoins

Peloponnes 1st. Expansion(2009)
Peloponnes Sacrum Expansion(2014)
order from Irongames direct:
- rulebook in a bigger size
- the playermats are a bit thicker


20 Building Tiles
20 Land Tiles
5 Disaster Tiles
16 Disaster Chits
7 Civilisation Tiles
16 Chits: 10 Colored chits, 5 "20+" Chits, 1 "Arrow" Chit
5 Player mats
25 wooden Markers
50 wooden Silver Coins
3 "Round Overview" Tile
1 "Conquest" Tile
1 Rule booklet in English, German and French


Attention: Not suitable for children under three years.

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