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Battle of the Nations 1813 (GER/ENG)

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Völkerschlacht bei Leipzig 1813 - Bataille de Leipzig 1813 - Battle of the Nations 1813

After the devastating defeat in the Russian campaign in 1812, Napoleon withdrew with his army to Dresden in 1813, where he was pushed back to Leipzig by the great powers of Prussia, Austria, Russia and Sweden.

Napoléon Bonaparte set up his camp in Reudnitz, a district of Leipzig in the country house of the banker Vetter.
After the first contact with the enemy on 14 October, a cavalry battle near Liebertwolkwitz, which ended with much luck in favor of the Allies, Napoleon now seeks the decisive battle. With the guards and eight corps, he has 210,000 men at his disposal, including 14,000 horsemen and 700 guns. 

  • Game Board
  • 11 Generals und 8 Marshals (= Armeen)
  • 52 Troop Markers, 4 Field Tiles, 6 „-1 Chips“
  • 93 Cards (40 Action Cards,  25 Mission Cards,  19 Army Cards,  5 Scout Cards,  4 Information Cards)
  • 15 wooden Figures
  • Time Indicator
  • Rules in German and English

Purpose of the Game

In the two-person game "Battle of the Nations 1813" (12 years and older) you take over the role of Napoleon Bonaparte and his opponent Prince Schwarzenberg.

The aim of the game for Napoleon's French army is to occupy and successfully defend several towns around Leipzig. The allied troops under Prince Schwarzenberg try to prevent this in return.
At the beginning of the game, Napoleon receives face-down Mission Cards from different districts. These cards show him which towns he has to occupy. Depending on the level of difficulty, Napoleon receives different numbers of victory points for completed Mission Cards. The Mission Cards also show Napoleon how many points Prince Schwarzenberg wins if he does not complete the Missions.
Napoleon starts with his actions.
But before Napoleon or Prince Schwarzenberg can place their armies, they must plan their troop movements by placing their Troop Markers on the game board. Thus, the opponent does not know what strategy they are planning.
The Troop Markers are brought into play by playing Army Cards. These determine where which troops start. Strong armies such as Marshall Ney's troops are of course more difficult to bring into play.
Troop Markers are moved by one square with the Action Card Movement.
Now Napoleon or Prince Schwarzenberg has to remove the Troop Marker except one in order to finally place the army.

This is done by playing one of the four Terrain Cards, whereby a separate Troop Markers is removed from the corresponding terrain (field, river landscape, hill, forest) for each Terrain Cards played.
The army is now placed instead of the last remaining Troop Marker.
Napoleon or Prince Schwarzenberg receive a victory point for placing their own armies.
The duration of the game depends on the number of Movement Cards played and the number of armies placed. For each of these events, the time indicator is moved from its starting field on 10/14 to 10/19.
Fights between the French armies and the Allied troops take place on 16.10. and 18.10. respectively. All (placed) armies in contact with enemy armies lose combat points according to the number of enemy armies.
When the time indicator reaches 19.10., the game is over and the combat points of the armies located on the towns of the Mission Cards are compared with those of the enemy armies in contact.
Napoleon and Prince Schwarzenberg add the victory points of their winning Mission Cards and the victory points won for placing armies together. The player with the most points wins the game.
Professional Rules
The terrain types play a role in the professional rule. Depending on the terrain on which an army is placed, it receives a bonus or a penalty on its combat value according to its army unit (infantry, artillery, cavalry).


Attention: Not suitable for children under three years.

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