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Emotion cards (GER)

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Emotion cards
(Small size)

Cards 43,5 x 67,5 mm, rounded edges, set of 14 cards, GERMAN text on them:

  • Bonuskarte (bonus)
  • Doppelzug (double action)
  • Veto
  • Sondersiegpunkt (extra winning point)
  • Startspieler (starting player)
  • Siegerkarte (winner card)
  • Regellexikon (Rules)
  • Heulsuse (crybaby)
  • Stop - Fehler (stop - mistake)
  • Vertrau mir (trust me)
  • Seid lieb zu mir (be polite)
  • Ende der Bedenkzeit (end of thinking time)
  • Besserwisser (smart arse)
  • Rache (revenge)
  • Grübler (nerd)
  • Sonder Geldeinheit (special money)
  • Seid lieb zu mir (be friendly to me)

Product spezifications:

  • Size : 43,5 x 67,5 mm
  • Material: linnen paper 330 g/m²
  • Production: according to the EU norm EN-71
  • Manufactured in Poland
  • Weigth: 20 gr. per set
  • Price per set, scale price per set


Attention: Not suitable for children under three years.

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