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Euromoney - sorted

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Euro playing money
(most valuable)

Euro money, options:

  • approx. 100x 1 Cent (round 16mm)
  • approx. 100x 2 Cent (round 18 mm)
  • approx. 100x 5 Cent (round 22 mm)
  • approx. 20x     5 Euro (rectangle 70x35 mm)
  • approx. 20x   10 Euro (rectangle 70x35 mm)
  • approx. 20x   20 Euro (rectangle 70x35 mm)
  • approx. 20x   50 Euro (rectangle 80x45 mm)
  • approx. 20x 100 Euro (rectangle 80x45 mm)
  • approx. 20x 200 Euro (rectangle 80x45 mm)
  • approx. 20x 500 Euro (rectangle 80x45 mm)


Product spezifications:


  • Material: pulp cardboard 330 g/m²
  • Production: according to the EU norm EN-71
  • Manufactured in Poland
  • Weigth:5 gr. per set
  • Price per set


Attention: Not suitable for children under three years.

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