Charity Shopping

Charity Shopping supports the above mentioned organizations.The total revenue from this area is donated. Thank you for your support!

Unicef, WWF and SOS Children's village will beknown by you. We support the children's village in Tbilisi/Georgia. German Doctors is a humaniterian organisation that provides medical help whereever needed in the world. The association Zornröschen is a center in our city Moenchengladbach/Germany, which helps sexually abused children. The German Children's Cancer Foundation is actively supporting affected children and families to have the same quality of life and future potentials. Favela Painting is the name of a series of community artwork in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil painted by Dutch artists Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn with the help of local people. The dreadful surroundings of the slums have been transformed into an artwork (painting buildings, streets, bridges). A likewise project has been realised in a ghetto in Philadelphia. Aim of Gänseblümchen NRW e.V. is to support cancer affected children and their families. Ocean Cleanup is a project for reducing the huge amount of plastic parts in the oceans. Hephata is an organization that provides work and assisted accomodation for disabled persons. The employees of Hephata often do picking work for us.

All prices incl. taxes plus. shipping

All prices incl. taxes plus. shipping

Achtung: Wegen der Messen in Essen und Frankfurt ergeben sich längere Lieferzeiten !

Zwangsläufig wird es zu Verzögerungen in der Auslieferung kommen. Wir bitten dies zu entschuldigen. Sollten Sie Materialien zu einem bestimmten Termin brauchen, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte.

Attention: Because of the fairs in Essen and Frankfurt, there will be delays in deliveries !

We ask for your understanding. Time-critical orders need additional contact !