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Famiglia (GER)

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The new 2 player card game from 2F-Spiele - a game you cannot refuse!


Prepare yourself for a fierce duel. Cleverly use the features of the four different families, snatch the most valuable gangsters away from your opponent. Your goal: have the best gang at the end of the game.


Game Play:
The players collect gangsters with the goal of collecting the highest-valued gangsters. With the exception of the 0-value gangsters, a player normally needs two identical gangsters (same family and same value) to be able to take a gangster with the next highest value of the same family. When a player does this, they place one of the smaller gangsters from their hand into their play area. To get higher-valued gangsters faster, the player may use the special abilities of the different families at the cost of placing more gangsters in their play area. By doing so, a player may reduce their options and so must carefully plan these actions in order to end the game with the most influential gang.


Attention: Not suitable for children under three years.

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