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Dear customers, dear game fans

the environment is important to us! That´s why we exclusively use second-hand packages and filler material. Local companies and private persons or our own employees provide us with enough material. That way the ressources already spent to produce these goods aren´t wasted or spent twice.

However, if a package is too damaged to be used again, we´d simply put it into our own macerator to shred it to passable filler material. Simply by doing this we can reduce our waste production of paper and other pulp materials.

The circle of packaging

We constantly seek to improve our environmental thinking and try to find new ways to enhance our production and service. We´re happy whenever we´re able to switch plastic for recyclable resources.

Even in private we find ways to take most of what´s already given or  to stay as environmentally friendly as possible. Several seasonal tickets for public transportation (train/bus) are shared between the team. Local employees rather take the bike to work. also offers it´s employees a company bike to use for quick rides if needed.

Let´s be honest. Every company has unused areas. At least until they found something to do or to place there. At you´ll find plant pots, produced from old coloring drums (#upcycling). Flowers for bees can grow there or some classic kitchen herbs. (We do like vegetables and fruits, so they find a place there, too)

At last, one thing is for certain, now and forever! All our wooden game components are created using bionomic, economic and sustainable forestry! - PEFC & FSC certified

Because it´s important.  Because we care.  Just because.

SPIEL in Essen

Die Messe steht quasi vor der Tür. Sie finden uns in Halle 1 Stand C121. Dieses Jahr auch in Halle 6 Stand N110 mit Rollenspielmaterial.
Es gilt weiterhin: 5% Rabatt auf Vorbestellungen!

Erstmalig gibt es an diesem Stand auch einen Sonderverkaufsbereich (mit Top-Preisen) von Spielen der Verlage Feuerland, Hans im Glück, Cwali, Sphinx, Frosted Games, Mücke Spiele und viele andere ...

Mit spielerischen Grüßen
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SPIEL in Essen

The fair is approaching. You will find us in hall 1 booth C121. This year we´re in hall 6 booth N110, as well - with roleplaying gear.
5% discount on all pre-orders!

For the first time the booth also features a special area where we sell games (at low prices!) of Feuerland, Hans im Glück, Cwali, Sphinx, Frosted Games, Mücke Spiele and many more...

Playful greetings
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