Dice with eyes and numbers

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Dice with eyes and numbers

You need individual dice with your own motive? Dice with company logo? Be it a special present for friends of the gaming world or for the realization of your game, as give-away or eye-catcher for the project – we can produce the dice needed.
Dice can be made from wood or plastic, featuring 3/6/8/10/12 or more sides. More information in our WIKI.

www.spielmaterial.de is partner of Koplow , known as the “The Nice Dice Company” for good reason; they make the safest dice and have the largest range of dice on the planet. Any dice of Koplow can be ordered via www.spielmaterial.de.

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  1. 20-sided Highroller
    20-sided Highroller
    As low as €2.00
  2. 20-sided countdown dice
    20-sided countdown dice
    As low as €1.50
  3. Set Miniature dice
    Set Miniature dice
    As low as €10.00
  4. 10-sided dice big (numbers)
    10-sided dice big (numbers)
  5. 6-sided dice (numbers)
    6-sided dice (numbers)
  6. Wooden dice 18
    Wooden dice 18
  7. 6-sided dice (numbers) 25mm
    6-sided dice (numbers) 25mm
  8. Dice 60-sided
    Dice 60-sided
    As low as €3.00
  9. 6-sided dice transparent small
    6-sided dice transparent small
    As low as €0.25

Items 1-20 of 162

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