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Alliances (ENG)

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In Alliances, you will play a superpower nation seeking world domination along with its ally. The game is mainly based on trick-taking mechanisms, with each trick representing a local struggle to control a country in the world. The world is composed of a vast number of countries, each one represented by a tile on the table. Each country also has its own defensive attributes: a certain military strength, economic strength and political strength which need to be overcome. In order to win, your alliance has to dominate the world by gaining control over the most countries.

Alliances includes three different games in one box:

  • For 2 players, a confrontational trick taking game.
  • For 3 players, a game in which each player in turn plays a superpower empire while the other two players fight him off as rebels.
  • For 4 players, a game in which you and your ally will team up to fight your rival alliance to control the world!
  • Designer
    Elad Goldsteen
    Antonis Papantoniou
    Golden Egg Games
    Year Published
    # of Players
    2 − 4
    User Suggested # of Players
    Best with 4 players
    Recommended with 2–4 players
    Mfg Suggested Ages
    8 and up
    Playing Time
    45 minutes

    Achtung: Nicht für Kinder unter drei Jahren geeignet.

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