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HoliMaths X - 1-6 (ENG/ESP)

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HoliMaths X - a family multiplication strategy card game - 10 ways to play it -1 to 6 players - 7 and up - innovative card game aimed to meaningful/significant learning - develops logical thinking - converts an individual learning process into a collective one generating social interaction - helps develop tolerance to frustration - promotes strategical thinking to solve problems - aimed for intergenerational integration involving parents and grandparents in a fun way for the whole family!

The main attributes of the games include helping/incentivizing early development of Higher and Lower Order Thinking Skills including creative and critical thinking in addition to comprehensive logical reasoning - Produces positive emotional engagement while providing the intended learning experience – Easy to learn, fast to start – Character building for the child involving honesty, responsibility, cooperation during play - High REPLAYABILITY values because of its 10 ways to play - HoliPlayers.com 10 lost cards Free-Replacement-Guarantee - Money back “No Questions Asked” Guarantee

HoliMaths X is an innovative family multiplication strategy card game directed to meaningful learning of multiplication tables that allows through interaction with other people, to learn the mathematical operation of multiplications in a fun and collective environment. The name of the game implies an holistic understanding- learning as part of the human system as well.

Game Features: HoliMaths X is an educational family card game that allows the interaction of several players and encourages social interaction, as opposed to learning multiplication only through memorization, which is individual and not a collective or group process that isolates more than unites. Since it has 10 different ways of playing, the game has multiple variations; some are hard even for adults, thus, a fun and simple but challenging, mindful and expansive game recommended for all ages.

The mechanics of the game, based on Problems-Solutions solving, helps develop logical thinking, decision making and problem solving in children in their learning stages, plus the development of strategies to earn points and solve problems. The game includes HelpCards as aids to find solutions which allows the child to eliminate the anxiety or stress that can be caused by not remembering the result of an operation through memorization alone.

It is a tool designed for association and pedagogically meaningful learning. It helps develop tolerance to frustration, healthy competition and the development of strategies throughout the game to solve problems.

Alternatives for playing the game: The game has 10 alternatives that can be played which allows the child to practice mathematical operation of multiplication in different manners ensuring the continued use without boring the game participants.

Meaningful learning is learning that students understand while they are learning. Meaningful learning is the leading trend for more useful and significant learning and how it is retained. This learning serves as to use what they have learned in new situations, in different contexts, so more than memorizing, this learning must be understood asimilated. Meaningful learning is thus opposed to mechanical learning.

This Foundation certifies: The game HoliMaths X is an innovative educational tool for comprehensive learning of the mathematical operation of multiplication. Our Foundation recommends it as a learning tool for organizational, familiar and educational environments.

We will summarize one of the ten ways to play, the "original" game play:
6 problem cards and 6 solution cards are given out to 2-6 players. You must try to match the cards through its correct multiplicating result, after being able to have two matches in hand, you can lower them for everybody to see. You can use the wild cards as whatever you need. Now we are playing!
On every turn you get a new problem and solution card or you can use the top card of the discarded ones of each.
Everybody will do the same and now the game shifts into a drafting card game with multiple possibilties to "give problems", be very alert to commutation and holimaths special plays in which strategy of what cards to play or keep, while combining with the wild cards that are on the table, that can be replaced in your turn if you happen to have the card it represents, along with making decisions on who to play your cards to, giving it an interesting pace, along with the alertness, strategy, logical thinking needed to win the game.
Luck is not essential and even if it takes a couple of rounds for you to have the two matches that allows you to interact, you can turn it around with the correct cards and awareness, and win the game which is won by the player that gains the most points. Each card has a symbol which has to with how much that result is present in the game. There is a symbol score card with how many points each symbol on each card is worth. Value depends of how many times that result is available in the deck. Thus, prime numbers are worth the most.
It may sound hard, but guys, this is a kids game...this is very easy to understand in a single 20 minute game play.
The game ends when any player has no cards to play and no unsolved problems. There will be positive and negative points based on the symbols of every card. Simple to add up and to continue with another game or skip to the other 3 strategy games or the other 6 training ways to play HoliMaths X.

Achtung: Nicht für Kinder unter drei Jahren geeignet.

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