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Wrath of Kings House Shael Han Iron Lotus Bos 1 + KS Addon

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Wrath of Kings House Shael Han Iron Lotus Box1 +  KS Addon

It was a war no one wanted at the worst possible time. Ancient King Arikan´s throne, empty these last five centuries, had remained beyond the Scion King´s reach, yet always in their thoughts. Centuries passed. Three Scions died. And the two remaining heirs drew secret plans for decisive actions, a quick and limited conflict. But hidden hands tugged the tapestry, and unseen players altered the game. A war between brothers now engulfs five nations as rulers great and small vie for the Empyrean Throne. In the end, only one shall ascend. Only one shall rule. Only one shell survive the Wrath of Kings.

The deadly warrios from the allfemale School of Scything Flowers practice the Iron Lotus Form, one of the most baffling fighting styles extant. Agile, graceful, and hypnonic, practitioners eschew even the most basic armor, as the Iron Lotus relies entirely on superhuman speed for defense. The veteran Black Lotus style truly blooms in the company of her fellow Iron Lotuses where her distracting style pinpoint accuracy disrupts enemy formations and exposes them for unexpected assaults. A combined attack from an Iron Lotus unit led by a Black Lotus can shred even the mightiest foe in seconds

This box contains the following models:

  • 12x Iron Lotus Warrior
  • 2x Black Lotus

KS Addon:

  • 6x Iron Lotus Warriors
  • 1x Black Lotus

Achtung: Nicht für Kinder unter drei Jahren geeignet.

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