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Wrath of Kings Rulebook

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Wrath of Kings Rulebook

The continent of Arikania poises on the edge a war unlike anything seen in centuries. The Scion Nation were craved from the old empire by the Ancient Kings for his five heirs. But, with the Ancient King´s passing, the immortal Scions grow restless once more. Past squabbles are nothing compared to the mighty armies of the modern era:

  • Werewolves, vampires, and hardened mercenaries from the core of Telloria´s infamous Night Legion.
  • Felskar´s technomancers combine science and magic into mighty war machines.
  • The Deep Gods of Hadross transform their soldiers into horrors from the ocean depths.
  • Kartoresh´s disciplined Ashmen don enchanted war masks for vast strength and elemental power.
  • And Achrion´s adaptive and brilliant leadership forge stunning victories from nearly certain defeats.

Wrath of Kings gives you the reins to create and control your own army from these mighty nations in this 30mm tabletop miniature waregame.

This book provides you with:

  • All the rules needed to play the Wrath of Kings miniature wargame.
  • A narrative storyline that reads as a full-lenght novel, providing background and motivations for each faction.
  • Individual entries for each unit that further expand Arikania´s unique and expansive history.

Victory comes to the most committed, and the Scions will hold nothing back in their bids for absolute power. An empire is the prize, an eternal legacy the reward. Take up your sword, summon your troops, and commit yourself to the fight for ultimate power!

Achtung: Nicht für Kinder unter drei Jahren geeignet.

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