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New Haven (ENG)

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New Haven

Work the Land, Grow your Colony

New Haven Colony - 1639 - Chosen by the crown to colonize this area, it is your task to develop the riches of the land and build a thriving settlement. To achieve victory, you must produce bountiful resources to attract colonists and expand your growing village. Cut timber, quarry stone, plant fields of wheat and fill pastures with fat sheep. But plan wisely, goods must be shared and not wasted. Will you be the one to build the biggest and most prosperous town?

  • Double-sided board adds extra value and variety to the game play.
  • Simple to learn with well balanced tile placement mechanics.
  • Can be played within an hour regardless of the number of players.
  • Great value for a quality Euro-style strategy game.
  • Includes rules in English, French, German

    11 game board, 4 Village boards, 4 Pond tiles, 60 Harvest tiles, 144 Buildings, 4 Player screens, 4 Resource markers and 1 cloth bag

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