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LovePigs (Porcellini) is a party fun game, presented as a Prototype at LuccaGames06 in Italy.
In 2007 Post Scriptum published LovePigs, in ModCon 07 the 1st National Tournament.

It is a game that tests the feeling between couples, partners may be: dad and daughter, wife and husband, teammates, school friends, co-workers, grandmother and nephew... The more you know about your LovePig, the more you are able to create questions that you are sure your friend answers in the way YOU will recognize, in relationship to answers given by other gamers.

Since 2010, the card game "Porcellini", same cards and illustrations, is presented by Angelo Porazzi Games in lots of Italian Fairs with simply rules for Kids, Schools, Families. You can see and read these rules in English on official page of the game


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